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How to protect yourself from the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill due in NZ is a nice bogeyman to spook hapless (and unsophisticated) downloaders.

Lets see what the law states (in plain english)
1) ISPs will keep a log of your activites – ie they will maintain a log of
   a) what ips you used and on which days
   b) possibly a log of sites/ips you connected to
2) copyright holders will rock up to the ISP with a pirate IP and the ISP then looks up the log and sends you a notice :'(

How do you protect yourself from this?
1) Copyright holders (CRH’s for short) usually (9/10) times lurk around popular (more than a 100 seeds) torrents. Simply switch to unpopular torrents from esoteric trackers (thepiratebay.org is like a CRH magnet :D)
2) use peerguardian, it keeps “bad” ips (used by CRH’s) from connecting to your comp. If they cant connect, they have no proof of sharing (ie you didnt accept any part of the file from them, nor did you supply any part of the file to them)
3) it is unlikely that isps will begin logging http sites accessed, so downloading files off rapidshare, megaupload etc is a safe bet. CRH’s cant see who downloaded the files, so they have no proof. Max they usually do is get the site to drop the file, but then again there are a gazillion mirrors :)
4) For ultimate security, use a http proxy with high anonymity and download “unpopular” files off http sites and use peerguardian just in case
5) If you are in the know, use ftp,fxp dumps where scene releases end up, no one has access to these logs (especially ftps in china :D) + very few know of their existence
6) IRC filebots can be your friends, look for esoteric channels and not just popular ones (tmdmoviez is going to be watched for sure!)
7) private DC++ hubs, emule hubs are also useful. Just remember to avoid the most popular ones, and always have PeerGuardian turned on and updated!

~ by shoel on March 9, 2010 .

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