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Idiots guide to DVD ripping

Idiots guide to DVD ripping

fed up of lame software that needs cracks to register (would you pay $$$ for crappy software that doesnt even encode properly?) and doesnt do the job?

Well its time to “properly” rip DVDS!

what you need

1 ) DVD Decrypter
2 ) FixVTS
3 ) HandBrake

1 ) copy the dvd to ur hard drive using DVD Decrypter, this removes most of the stupid protection.
2 ) run FixVTS, this takes out the more stubborn boogers from the dvd data (this step is optional, and I’d personally only do this if the HandBrake “Scan” fails
3 ) scan the dump folder in HandBrake, choose your settings ( i like MKV, 480 width, mp3 128kbps @ 44.1 kHz)
4 ) save the job list (HandBrake will let you create 1 job per title
5 ) start the encoding and goto bed :)

~ by shoel on April 14, 2010 .

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