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SSIS package with FTP upload not working?

1) we need to remove the password data from the package (that causes weird key errors)
do what this guy says…. Sql Server. Integration Services. SSIS Configuration File – Author Nigel Rivett

2) Change the package to not store any settings …do what microsoft says …

Method 4: Use SSIS Package configuration files

loadTOCNode(3, ‘resolution’);
Use SSIS Package configuration files to store sensitive
information, and then store these configuration files in a secured
folder. You can then change the ProtectionLevel property to
DontSaveSensitive so that the package is not encrypted and does not try
to save secrets to the package. When you run the SSIS package, the
required information is loaded from the configuration file.

Make sure that the configuration files are adequately protected if they
contain sensitive information.


3) Make sure the SQL SERVER Agent is running under an id that has proxy authentication etc – to test this, log on to the deployment server using the admin account that should be running the package, and use the package runner to test this (ie outside of a sql job)

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