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How to softmod your wii

first, get your firmware to version 4.2. if youre on 4.3 this instruction set wont work

copy the bootmii installed and the banner bomb v2 (for sys menu 4.2) to the SD card root.
make an app folder in the sd root, and add in the apps for IOS 58, IOS236, cIOS 249, cIOS 222 and Usb loader

1) Install the hbc [Press (Wii), Data Management, Channels, SD. Then insert the card. It should either pop up Load boot.dol/elf? or freeze. Continue as per instructions on screen]

2) next install  IOS58 [very straight forward, needs internet connection!]

3) Re-install hbc (so that it starts using ios58 – USB 2.0 speed hdd access)

4) now install  Ios236 (remember to say you are NOT gonna do piracy!) [needs internet connection] this re-introduces the trucha bug

5) now install Cios249 (follow the steps given here – http://gwht.wikidot.com/ios249 ) [needs internet connection] (the app is probably called cIOSX_rev20b-Installer)

6) Now install cios222 [needs internet connection] (the app is called cios_installer)

7) Then install the configurable usb loader – and you’re done!

~ by shoel on October 19, 2010 .

3 Responses to “How to softmod your wii”

  1.   shoel Says:

    if cIOS 249 or cIOS 222 fail to install/run because of having been “stubbed”, the proposed solution is to use Any Title Deleter to get rid of the present IOS 249/222 stubs and then try re-installing.

  2.   shoel Says:

    if you still face the EVIL STUBBED IOS 249 problem, try this http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/24630-full-hacking-guide-4-2-system-menus.html

  3.   shoel Says:

    if you didnt listen to my instructions on step 4 (said you needed stuff for piracy), well you need to re-try that ios installation several times, eventually it will call you names and ask you to prove that you dont pirate ALL your games. at this stage you need to exit hbc and load and play an original wii disc (anything will do!). now try again and this time say NO to the piracy option!

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