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Mensa excel sheet

Did you get an email with a “mensa quiz” excel sheet attached?

The questions go like – 24 H in a D, 9 P in S A etc

heres a little macro that will make you look 10x brighter than you are…

Sub SolveIt()
Dim x As String, rng As Range, cel As Range

With ActiveSheet

For i = 8 To 40

Dim rangeVar As String
rangeVar = “f” & i & “:bw” & i

Set rng = .Range(rangeVar)
x = “”
For Each cel In rng
If (cel.Value <> “0”) And (cel.Value <> “1”) Then
x = x & cel.Value
End If
rangeVar = “d” & i
.Range(rangeVar).Value = x
Next i

End With
End Sub

~ by shoel on April 13, 2011 .

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