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JavaScript demos

• 8 September 2010

JS1k, 1k Javascript demo contest

Idiots guide to heat maps with google chart api

• 8 September 2010

Generating a Heat Map with Google Chart API

Converting an ASP.NET site into a SharePoint site

• 25 August 2010

Converting an ASP.NET site into a SharePoint site – CodeProject

GridView formatting a datetime column

• 20 August 2010

DateTime Format in gridview colum – ASP.NET Forums See this post on how to format a datetime columnalso how to create links that have formatting (eval overloading explained here)

Run As Different User (Right Click option for an exe) in Windows 7

• 18 August 2010

Hidden Right-Click (Context) Menu Options in Windows 7 – The Winhelponline Blog just do a shift + right click

xsl functions for .net

• 5 August 2010

XSLT Stylesheet Scripting using public double circumference(double radius){ double pi = 3.14; double circ = pi*radius*2; return circ; }

Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

• 30 July 2010

Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart : Best Graphics Cards For The Money: February ’10

Loading animation in a winform C#

• 8 July 2010

A simple task – get a “loading” animation when you click a button on a winform My solution (works!) 1) in your form designer, you need a panel!!!! this is what will be used to draw the loading bitmap 2) in your form constructor you need something like this Snippet <title>Snippet</title><pre style=”font-family: consolas;”>        <span style=”color: blue;”>public</span> TestForm() […]


• 2 July 2010

Street Giant » Leroy Stick – the man behind @BPGlobalPR

Playing games on a PC using a gamepad…

• 18 June 2010

GameSpot Forums – PC & Mac Games – PC Games with Gamepad Support ***List*** (user contributions are very welcome)