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wii warez!

Configurable USB Loader 60 (release) download on FileTrip.net – FileTrip

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Windows 7 – run an exe as another user

C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:DOMAINNAME/USERNAME “C:\Program Files\MyFile.exe”

not sure if its frontslash or backslash, try both!

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Currently the best bang-for-buck laptops in NZ

pick from

Acer Aspire 5745G-724G64Mn
Asus N61JQ-JX002V

( i vote Acer )

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Date object tostring in javascript

JavaScript date and time and getting the current year, month and date with the JavaScript date object

wish there was a .toString(“dd-MMM-yyy”) ???

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Capturing Videos from TVNZ on demand

I can confirm that the latest version of CooJah with Blader are easily capable of capturing TVNZ on demand streams!

Hope it saves you some time!

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Determine on the server side whether a Collapsible Panel is expanded or not

Just wanted to share some info here


Apparently the only way to determine on the server side whether a Collapsible Panel is expanded or not (based on client side actions) is as follows


CBool(CType(<your control’s server side id>.FindControl(“collapsiblePanelExtender_ClientState”), System.Web.UI.WebControls.HiddenField).Value)


If True -> Collapsed, If False -> Expanded

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to try with tvnz on demand…

xVideoServiceThief Official Web site

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IDENTITY column – moving the current value (read prev post)




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SQL 2005 Change Identity column current value

How do I… Reseed a SQL Server identity column? | Servers and Storage | TechRepublic.com

method 1

<code>DBCC CHECKIDENT  (   <em>tablename  </em>  [, [NORESEED | RESEED [, <em>newreseedvalue</em>]]]  )  [WITH NO_INFOMSGS]</code>

Table A defines this statement’s optional parameters.




Returns the current identity value and the current maximum value of the identity column, without reseeding. These values are usually (and should be) the same.
Changes the current identity value, using the maximum value in the identity column, if the current identity value is less than the maximum identity value stored in the identity column.
Specifies the new seed value when reseeding. If the table is empty, the first identity value (after executing DBCC CHECKIDENT) will equal newreseedvalue. If the table contains data, the next identity value will equal newreseedvalue + the current increment value (the default is 1). This behavior is new to SQL Server 2005 (and remains in 2008). SQL Server 2000 always increments the seed value.
Suppresses all informational messages.

Method 2

<code>IDENTITY_INSERT <tablename> ON<br /><br />explicitly insert a row with a bigger id<br /><br />insert <tablename><br />(99, 'test')  -- current id was 10<br /><br />then go <br /><br /></code><code>IDENTITY_INSERT <tablename> OFF</code><br /><br />and the next insert you make will have an id = 100<br />

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Attack on tvnz ondemand….

How to use rtmpdump.exe as RTMPE downloading plugin for Replay Media Catcher 4 – Audio/video stream recording forums

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