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Mensa excel sheet

• 13 April 2011

Did you get an email with a “mensa quiz” excel sheet attached? The questions go like – 24 H in a D, 9 P in S A etc heres a little macro that will make you look 10x brighter than you are… Sub SolveIt() Dim x As String, rng As Range, cel As Range With […]

How to softmod your wii

• 19 October 2010

first, get your firmware to version 4.2. if youre on 4.3 this instruction set wont work copy the bootmii installed and the banner bomb v2 (for sys menu 4.2) to the SD card root. make an app folder in the sd root, and add in the apps for IOS 58, IOS236, cIOS 249, cIOS 222 […]

best sub $4000 NZD laptop

• 18 October 2010

MSI GX660R-IB772012G1T0B7V – Find the lowest price, product reviews and information about Laptops

game compatibility

• 18 October 2010

Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards – Notebookcheck.net Tech

Laptop Graphics Card benchmarks

• 18 October 2010

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 – Notebookcheck.net Tech

Wad file installation for Wii

• 15 October 2010

Guide to installing VC games – GBAtemp.net

Another Wii Homebrew tutorial

• 14 October 2010

Welcome to GAF’s Wii Homebrew Tutorial – GAF’s Wii Homebrew Tutorial

bootmii guide

• 13 October 2010

BootMii – CompleteSoftmodGuide

PSU Calculator

• 13 October 2010

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

wii warez!

• 13 October 2010

Configurable USB Loader 60 (release) download on FileTrip.net – FileTrip